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    • You acknowledge and understand that by providing your name, email, phone number, and home address, you consent to sharing your details with General Motors, it’s affiliates, and it’s trusted partners for the purpose of facilitating your home charger installation and services. This information may also be used for safety and product research purposes, quality assurances, and to maintain GM customer relationships.
    • For more information please review GM’s Privacy Statement at https://www.gmarabia.com/en/home/privacystatement

    Disclaimer: General Motors Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and representatives (“GM”) make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the performance, reliability, or fitness of EV Charger. EV Charger is not a product of GM, and the warranty or any related guarantees for EV Charger are the responsibility of the manufacturer and its authorized distributor. EV charger is subject to the warranties and/or guidelines provided by the manufacturers and/or its authorized distributors. In no event, shall GM be liable for any direct, indirect incidental or consequential damages and/or injuries arising out of the use or inability to use EV charger. EV charger is designed for its intended purpose as stated in the user manual / usage guideline, and it’s the responsibility of the End-User to ensure proper use and follow all instruction and guideline provided by Al Ghandi Auto. In the event of any defect or service-related issues with EV Charger, the End-User may contact the Powertech Electrical Trading LLC.

    If not, kindly review the guidelines to ensure you have permission from your landlord/property management to consider a home charger installation.

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